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Sharing a Meal

Thank you for your interest in HOWL!  We welcome and encourage visitors.  Please email us at to arrange a visit.  We have a cozy guest room and open community room for indoor guests as well as lots of primitive outdoor camping space. There is also limited space for small RV’s (no septic or electric hookups).

Maximum length of stay: There is a maximum stay of two weeks, after which visitors may apply to the collective for an extension.  If you intend to stay longer than two weeks, please discuss this with HOWL’s Outreach Coordinator prior to your visit.

Suggested donation: The suggested donation for overnight stays is $5-10 per person per night in the summer, $10 – 20 in winter.  Work exchange is available and can be negotiated with the Collective.

 Children: Girl children of all ages and boy children up to and including the age of 10 are always welcome.  Children must be under the care of a responsible adult at all times.

Men and boys over 10 sometimes visit the land, but only with the knowledge and agreement of all who are staying here.

Fire safety:  If not properly used, HOWL’s beautiful wood stove can collect dangerous levels of creosote, creating a chimney fire risk.  Please do not tend the wood stove unless requested to (after training) by a resident or Collective member.  Please no open flames (including candles) in the barn.  Please do not leave candles in the house unattended.

Alcohol and tobacco:  The use of tobacco and alcohol is not allowed in the house or barn.  Out of respect for our sisters in recovery, we ask that any use on the land be discreet.  The use of illegal drugs is not allowed.

Animal guests:  Pets are sometimes permitted depending on who is staying at HOWL at any particular time.  Please check with residents before bringing your pet. Women bringing animals to the land are responsible for cleaning up after them.  Animal friends must not be left unsupervised, and in the event that a pet becomes disruptive, the visitor will need to take them off the land.

Garbage and trash: There is a compost bin in the back yard.  Please ask for help if you aren’t familiar with the process.  No bones, meat or dairy products in the compost. Carry out any trash you have accumulated and check to make sure you have taken everything you brought with you.

Food & sundries: Please plan on bringing all your own food & toiletries, plus a cooler and ice for storage.

Linens & towels: We encourage guests to bring their own sheets, towels, and pillowcases.  We do not have a washing machine, and the nearest laundromat is in Bristol (1/2 hour drive).

Use of shared spaces: HOWL’s common areas can clutter up quickly.  Please clear personal items from common spaces (including kitchen dishes) as soon as you’re done.

Private spaces: Those of us who live at HOWL need to feel that our private living spaces are respected.  Please do not enter residents’ rooms unless you are invited to do so.

Computer Use: We have wireless internet available (bring your own laptop).

Phone: Visitors are welcome to use the HOWL phone to receive calls and make local calls.  Long distance calls require a calling card.  Please limit your phone use, as our phone is shared between HOWL business, residents, and visitors.

When nature calls… Visitors are encouraged to use the beautiful composting outhouse (with mountain views!) The newly renovated bathroom in the house is also available. Help preserve the life of our septic system by putting all toilet paper in the waste bin, not the toilet.

And speaking of basic needs… During your visit, we hope you will enjoy the beautiful land and the community here at HOWL.  Since we are several miles from the nearest store, cell phone coverage, or anything resembling a downtown, this takes a bit of planning.  Please expect to take care of all your own basic needs (warm clothing, transportation, food, emotional support, communications, etc.).

Guest parking:  HOWL is at the end of a town road, and the turn around at the top is reserved for residents’ parking.  There is a parking area for guests below the barn. For large gatherings, guests can park along the road.

Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Please maintain quiet hours in the house and on the land.

Pond: We have a lovely small pond for swimming.  We request that no soap, shampoo, lotions or oils be used in the pond in order to maintain the ecology there.

(Revised March, 2011)

DIRECTIONS TO HOWL (895 Salvas Road, Huntington VT)

From Burlington/North:

I-89 South to Richmond Exit 11, go right off ramp to center of Richmond, rt at traffic light, go over Winooski River Bridge and road curves right to Huntington (about 7 miles). Go through center of Huntington until the next smaller village (about 3 miles) which is Huntington Center. Look for a small brown sign on the right that says Camel’s Hump State Park. Across from that sign is a left turn. Turn left until the road forks at a farm. Take right hand fork. Go over a little bridge, then take immediate left after mailboxes, which is Salvas Rd. That, too, goes over a little bridge. HOWL is a mile up the hill at the end of Salvas Rd.

From Montpelier/South:

I-89 North to Richmond Exit 11. Left off ramp. Then follow directions above from center of Richmond.

Or if you are not taking the highway, from Rte 2 take left at light in center of Richmond and continue as above.

From Bristol: 116 North to Hollow Road.  Right on Hollow Road, follow to end.  Right at stop sign onto Huntington Road, follow to Huntington Center, then follow above from Huntington Center.

Call 434-3953 if you get lost.


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