HOWL Herstory

2018 marks HOWL’s 33rd year!   In honor of this palindromic year, we are compiling an anthology of HOWL stories (both oral & written).  Want to be interviewed for this project?  Have a story you’d like included in a written anthology?  We’d love to include you!  Send your stories, questions, and suggestions  to


HOWL archives photo

For a bit of HOWL herstory in a nutshell, click here for reporter Rachel Jones’s story in Vermont’s award-winning weekly paper, Seven Days.  Wonderful!  Also, visit this page soon for a sampling of HOWL herstory from the HOWL Archives.   We’ll offer a peek into the inspiring commitment of our founders to bring HOWL into being.

Want a sampling of goings-on from just a few years back? Click here to view archival photos & posts from recent years.

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