Wish List

HOWL’s wish list of stuff & skills is ever-changing.  Please reach out to us at howlvt@gmail.com  to offer stuff or skills.  Of course, financial donations are always happily accepted!  You can donate online or send a check to: HOWL, P.O Box 53, Huntington, VT 05462.  Thank you!

Here’s a sampling of Wish List items:

  • Butcher block or kitchen counter replacement
  • Brush hog or donations of brush hogging
  • Volunteers with chainsaws
  • Good quality garden & trail tools (loppers, weed eater, etc.)
  • Original art by professional-level women artists
  • Computer
  • Outreach volunteers on Social Media
  • Office supplies (nice paper for letterhead, envelopes, stamps, sticky notes)
  • Clean cover for a single futon
  • Musicians interested in offering HOWL benefit concerts
  • Property tax angels: feel free to pay HOWL’s taxes!
  • ???? Contact howlvt@gmail.com for more suggestions.

Thank you for your contributions!

For more information on how you can get involved in HOWL, contact howlvt@gmail.com.

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