Alix Dobkin plays to a packed house


Alix Dobkin 30 yr saga

Ordinarily, April at HOWL conjures images of dreary skies, bare fields, and road ruts and wash-outs that have even veteran mud-season drivers dreaming of the day they’ll live on a paved road.  Not so this April, when the legendary Alix Dobkin entertained a sell-out crowd in HOWL’s community room.  April at HOWL?  Now I’ll think of a packed house of laughing women, two festive cakes baked by Stephie, and of course, the whole room singing along with Amazon ABCs.



Spring Snow

A spring snow storm followed by bright sunshine made for a lovely weekend of outdoor delights (and a ton of shoveling) up on the hill here at HOWL.  All over Huntington, sugarhouses hosted visitors for Huntington’s Open Sugarhouse Weekend events.  Stop in at Beaudry’s store to pick up a pint of syrup if you didn’t make it out this weekend.

Winter medley


Ah, March: We can finally look at the wood pile and say, yeah, we’ll make it through.  Skiing requires fewer layers and is accompanied by new bird songs.  As the days get longer, cozying up under a quilt is the perfect complement to skating, skiing, snowshoeing, and generally glorying in the beauty of the HOWL hills.  And down the hill, the neighbors’ sugar shacks are sweet with new syrup.  At any moment a thaw can turn the road into a rutted slalom course or a cold spell can bring single digits and evenings with the hot water bottle at our toes.  And yes, there are still moments of cabin fever, and winter is far from over.  Still, March–with its moments of spring brightness and teaser stretches of mittenless temperatures–is a perfect partner for an optimist’s delusions.  Spring is on its way, I say!

Too much fun to take pictures

Ha!  Well, the HOWL Birthday party on Saturday, January 12 featuring Alison Bechdel, Holly Rae Taylor & Friends in a live HOWL-style program based loosely on Desert Island Discs was so much fun, I neglected to take a single photo.  Perhaps you, dear reader, have a photo to post?  My highlight?  Everyone breaking into song with the first notes of Kris Williamson’s “Waterfall.”  Lovely!  Thanks everyone who sang, laughed, and contributed.  Special thanks to Holly Rae and Alison–Desert Island Divas, and Stephie cake-queen!

Alisono Bechdel self portraitHolly art

Musical Instruments Petting Zoo

We strummed, we bowed, we chorded and dobro-ed.  Musicians Rebeccca PadulaClare Innes, and Anya Schwartz offered instruction on about a dozen different instruments, and we all took a turn at trying something new at Saturday’s Musical Instruments Petting Zoo.  We were having too much fun to take pictures during the event, but at least we caught Clare setting up and Anya getting a tip from Rebecca before the zoo gates opened.


Rebecca and Clare and Dan1



Midday, Midweek Meander Dec. 12, 1:00

HOWL  is beautiful in every season!  We’ll keep posting monthly meanders on our events page, so come on up the hill and join neighbors for a snowy walk in the woods & fields at HOWL. Meet outside the HOWL house (895 Salvas Road) for a 1:00 (prompt!) departure. Meander along hilly (but not steep) trails. Plan on an hour’s snowshoe, ski or walk, or continue further on your own.  Questions? Call Anya: 434-3953.  Watch our events page for details on the next meander.

November 14 Meander, 1:00

Come on up the hill and join neighbors for a walk in the woods. Meet outside the HOWL house  (895 Salvas Road) for a 1:00 (prompt!) departure. Meander along hilly (but not steep) trails. Plan on an hour’s walk, or continue further on your own.  The meadows & trails have a light layer of wet snow–waterproof boots recommended.  Questions? Call Anya: 434-3953.