Welcome to HOWL

Greetings, HOWL friends, old and new.  Thank you for visiting HOWL’s website.  We’re glad you’re here, and hope to see you soon at HOWL!  See our Upcoming Events page for  HOWL  Happenings.


Our Mission

HOWL is a non-profit organization held in perpetuity for all women, guided by a collective, nurtured by residents and rejuvenated by visitors, all the while striving to form an intentional community on the land. Our goal is to preserve and steward the land and collaborate in developing projects and programming, which are open to a diversity of women, that reflect our shared values of compassion, respect, stewardship, environmental sustainability, and love of the earth.

HOWL defines Intentional Community as a group of women with a shared set of values who are involved in furthering the HOWL mission by working together collaboratively, non-violent in words and actions.



6 thoughts on “Welcome to HOWL

  1. i won’t be able to be part of September 22 ’18 Howl camping/
    Gathering. And I hope you all have a wonderful beautiful gathering.
    love, janet (hicks)


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