Get Involved: Help Open Women’s Land

HOWL is a 100% volunteer-run organization.  We operate on the currency of generosity: generosity of time, financial contributions, care, and connection.  We invite you to contribute–there’s a right fit for everyone!  HOWL is a community-at-large of wonderful women.  Join us.

Many, many ways to make HOWL happy….

  • Ski, walk, swim, kiss, sing, cry, laugh, pray, or howl at HOWL
  • Do the above with someone you brought to HOWL for her first time
  • Organize an event, workshop, or educational program at HOWL
  • Organize a fundraiser for HOWL
  • Add your knowledge to the HOWL nature guide
  • Leave your contact info to volunteer on a buildings or grounds project
  • Contact to find out about applying to serve on the Collective
  • Leave a note in the Guest Book telling HOWL what you enjoyed about your visit
  • Donate something on the HOWL wish list (see below)
  • Leave a few (or more!) dollars in the donations jar, or better yet…
  • Send a check to HOWL (payable to HOWL): PO Box 53, Huntington, VT 05462
  • Like HOWL on Facebook and spread the word about HOWL on social media
  • Volunteer to be HOWL’s social media promoter
  • Volunteer to write a blog post for HOWL’s website
  • Take a load of trash or recycling into town
  • Make something beautiful for HOWL
  • Donate money to commission a woman’s work of art for HOWL
  • Collect an armload of firewood for the fire circle
  • Grab a garbage bag and pick up trash from the woods or field edges
  • Bring a chainsaw and buck up a blow-down or two
  • Grab a pair of loppers and walk a trail, clipping back overgrowth
  • Collect HOWL’s apples and make a batch of apple sauce for HOWL
  • Do a bit of weeding in the flower or vegetable gardens
  • Write HOWL a love letter
  • Pass along your ideas, suggestions, and visions for HOWL
  • ??? Surprise HOWL!

Financial Contributions

HOWL is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Click here to make a secure contribution (major credit card/PayPal)

or donate the old-fashioned way: mail your check (payable to HOWL) to:

HOWL,  PO Box 53,  Huntington, VT 05462

Volunteer on a Committee or Attend a Collective Meeting

The HOWL Collective meets monthly, typically at HOWL, and usually on the 3rd Sunday of every month from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.  email or call (802) 434-3953 to confirm.  We welcome your interest!

Subscribe to the HOWL listserv:  email to receive occasional emails.  Stay in the loop on HOWL events & happenings.


Questions?  Email

4 thoughts on “Get Involved: Help Open Women’s Land

  1. Hi I’m 25 and I would love to visit and maybe help the community in whatever way I can. Are there any opportunities for me?


    1. Hi Rachel, We are working to be more organized and responsive on social media. I am so sorry your comment was overlooked! If you could send us your email address, we’ll add you to our e-mail list, for starters. One opportunity that has just come up is for someone to help organize a Young People’s Gathering at HOWL. It was supposed to be a pot luck and campfire event this weekend, but we didn’t get the message out in time so will most likely be rescheduled. Would you be willing to help out with setup and greeting guests for an event like this?


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