Winter medley


Ah, March: We can finally look at the wood pile and say, yeah, we’ll make it through.  Skiing requires fewer layers and is accompanied by new bird songs.  As the days get longer, cozying up under a quilt is the perfect complement to skating, skiing, snowshoeing, and generally glorying in the beauty of the HOWL hills.  And down the hill, the neighbors’ sugar shacks are sweet with new syrup.  At any moment a thaw can turn the road into a rutted slalom course or a cold spell can bring single digits and evenings with the hot water bottle at our toes.  And yes, there are still moments of cabin fever, and winter is far from over.  Still, March–with its moments of spring brightness and teaser stretches of mittenless temperatures–is a perfect partner for an optimist’s delusions.  Spring is on its way, I say!

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