HOWL Cleanup Day & Potluck – Sunday, May 17th, 10 – 4

It’s Spring!   Time to clean up our house, our grounds, our barn and our acts.
On Sunday, May 17 From 10 am to 4 pm, we invite you all to come up to HOWL and pitch in any way you want, even if it’s just sitting around and cheering us on.
Or just come and eat at our POTLUCK from 12 to 1.
For the muscle bound, we have fallen limbs from big storms last winter that need to be sawed up and hauled away from the front and back yards. Then there are the Crone’s spaces in the barn that could use a major facelift. There’s house cleaning, woods clearing, trail marking — you name it. We can put you to work.
Sisterhood and service to a most worthy organization — namely, us.
RSVP to if you can make it.  We would be most grateful.  Call Crow for more info. 802-598-5868.
Directions are shown below.

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